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  • Where are we located?
    Miami, Florida
  • Why is my candle bumpy after burning?
    The bumpy tops after burning are common with soy wax. This happens when the cooling rate is inconsistent. Unfortunately, it's difficult to control once the candle has been lit and then extinguished. There is no control over whether it will be bumpy or as smooth as butter when it dries. This will not affect the performance of the wax.
  • How can I fix tunneling in my candle?
    You can fix the tunneling by cutting a piece of aluminum foil and placing it around the candle. Poke a hole so the flame has a little room to breathe and light the candle. Keep the candle lit until the melt pool is completely melted, creating an full melt pool.
  • Does Sunset Candle Co. do special orders?
    Yes, for special orders please reach out to us for additional imformation
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